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MailInspector Cloud: cloud email security done right

Supplement your email provider’s native security with MailInspector Cloud, a multi-layered email security solution that detects and blocks even the most sophisticated threats.

Antiphishing and antispam

Email gateway + API integrations

Advanced Threat Detection

Private Cloud option

Zero-Day/Zero-Hour Malware Detection

Post-Delivery Protection

Attachment and URL Protection

Email Encryption and DLP

Next-Gen email Protection

Get complete protection with SEG and API integration

MailInspector Cloud adds a supplemental multi-layered security to your cloud email services, such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Zimbra. Its unique approach combines both a Secure Email Gateway deployment and API integration, so you can get the best of both. 

Full protection

As a SEG, we add our own unique filtering and security layers to all inbound emails before they reach your provider, and also protect all outbound and internal emails.

For every environment

Unlike API-based only solutions, this approach also protects every type of environment, including hybrid (i.e. organizations that use both Microsoft 365 and Zimbra).

And even more benefits

Adding up API integration provides even more benefits, such as add-ons to the mailbox, more context to prevent BEC and targeted attacks, and our Post-Delivery Framework.

Advanced Features

Add AI-powered features to your provider's native security

Blocks phishing, BEC (Business Email Compromise), impostor email, targeted attacks, spear phishing, and fake invoices and payment requests. Internal emails are also filtered to prevent impersonation and insider threats.

Protects against targeted and persistent threats, including ransomware, zero-day malware, and social engineering based attacks. Our Advanced Threat Protection is powered by Smart Defender, our threat intelligence that analyzes more than 1 billion IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) daily.

With a Sandbox, files, documents and URLs are executed first in a controlled and secure environment. HSC’s sandbox leverages AI, machine learning and other techniques to analyze the item’s content and make sure it’s clean.

CDR removes malicious content from infected files, documents and HTML, protecting against zero-day malware. All actions are performed in a secure, isolated environment.

Real-time file, URL and IP scanning, based on heuristics, behavioral analysis and reputation filtering. Because it’s real-time, it protects users even after the email is delivered. It’s a powerful time-of-click protection.

Protect, Act & Integrate: with three main Post-Delivery features, MailInspector keeps your users safe even after the message is delivered.

  • Post Delivery Protection

    Our threat protection features (ATP, URL filtering and Sandbox) work in real-time, protecting the user even after the message has reached the mailbox.

  • Post Delivery Action

    Our mSOAR (Mail Security Orchestration and Response) automatically analyzes, removes and/or remediates malicious messages if a threat is identified after the email was delivered.

  • Threat Intelligence Integration

    MailInspector exchanges threat intelligence with other security platforms, such as SIEM, XDR, NDR, EDR, and others. With API integrations, it sends and receives information about IOCs, becoming a full email XDR.

MailInspector is the best choice for email security

Beyond advanced threat protection features, MailInspector Cloud offers even more benefits to supplement your email provider’s native security.

Spam & malware detection

MailInspector Cloud has a 99.99% spam block rate. With both antivirus and AI-based threat protection, it blocks all types of malware, including virus, ransomware and zero-day threats.

Granular admin controls

Get customizable rules, filters and exceptions; quick search filters; file, URL and content removal, even post-delivery; and multiple quarantines, which can be threat-specific (email fraud, phishing, spam etc.).

Private Cloud

You can also deploy MailInspector in our private cloud to meet your compliance needs. Our Tier III DataCenters are fully compliant with current regulations, provide high availability and ensure business continuity.

Data protection features

Our (DLP) Data Loss Protection module prevents data loss by filtering every outbound message. Every email is also encrypted, preventing them from being intercepted, copied or viewed by other parties.

Gartner compliant

HSC meets all Gartner's requirements laid out in its "Market Guide for Email Security". Plus, we provide exclusive features, such as mSOAR, and user training and awareness.

Trusted expertise

We know that cybersecurity requires trust and experience.

MailInspector is trusted by leading enterprises from various segments (such as financial, services and manufacturing) and by a number of government agencies. We protect more than 10 million mailboxes and filter more than 100 million emails every single day.

Try HSC and see the difference in your security

Start a free trial and see for yourself the benefits of supplementing your current email provider security.

Private Cloud with Certified Data Centers

Deploy MailInspector with HSC’s private cloud and get extra benefits, with even more control over compliance requirements.

High availability

With HSC's Private Cloud, your data is hosted in a dedicated environment, with logical and geographical redundancy.


Customize retention and storage time-frames for quarantines, logs and messages. Granular controls meet your auditing and compliance needs.


Get high access, customization and integrations with monitoring environments and security tools, such as SIEM, XDR and others.

Multilayered security to keep your data safe

Deep integration with your provider

HSC's unique approach combines both a Secure Email Gateway deployment and API integration, protecting even hybrid environments.


Native two-way integration with other security plataforms, such as SIEM, XDR, NDR and EDR, for improved detection and incident response.

Post-Delivery Protection

Removes threats straight from the user's mailbox, blocking URLs, attachments and whole messages even after the email was delivered.

We protect your Microsoft 365

Help Center

Questions about MailInspector Cloud? Please check this FAQ list

MailInspector Cloud is HSC’s email security solution for cloud email services, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. It can be deployed in your own cloud or in HSC’s Private Cloud, granting even more granular controls for archiving, auditing and compliance.

Yes, MailInspector Cloud includes the same features as its on-premises version, MailInspector.

Both MailInspector and MailInspector Cloud include more than 40 filtering layers, for inbound, internal and outbound messages. Our technologies analyze a series of aspects, from sender’s, IP and domain reputation to the content of attachments and URLs. It provides both pre and post-delivery protection.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence algorithms play a main role in MailInspector. We make use of Behavioral Analysis, Machine Learning and Computer Vision technologies, plus reputation and signature filtering. 

Email providers can only protect you to a certain extent. Their security features are good enough for basic spam and virus filtering, but don’t hold well against advanced threats (such as ransomware and zero-day malware) and targeted attacks based on Social Engineering (such as BEC and spear phishing). With MailInspector, you fill all those gaps and get a 99,99% spam blocking rate.

Yes, MailInspector Cloud is fully compliant with data privacy laws and regulations, such as GDPR and LGPD. Our Private Cloud is hosted on Tier III Data Centers, with high availability and redundancy.

Advanced Protection

It's time to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals